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The King’s Church of England Primary Academy


Mrs Fenton/ Doves

Welcome to the Doves Class Page!

Summer Term 1, 2022 - Knowledge Organiser & Updated Class Timetable

Spring 2, 2022 - Knowledge Organiser & Updated Class Timetable

Autumn 2, 2021 - Knowledge Organiser

Sconce Park December Visit - Christmas Wreath Making With Simon The Park Ranger

Gymnastics - Mirroring With Partners

Science - Electrical Circuit Investigations

Our Digital Art Landscape Reflections Using PixilArt

Using Clay To Make Stone Age Necklaces

Smudging Oil Pastel to Create Stonehenge Silhouette Pictures of the Winter and Summer Solstice

Local Area Visit - Trip to Sconce and Devon Park for Conservation Activities

Tennis Coach - PE Taster Session

Continent 4: Africa - Focus on Animals - Pattern, Colour and Camouflage

Continent 2: Antarctica - Artist Focus: Linda Lang - Mixing Cold Colours & Painting An Iceberg Scene

Continent 1: Australasia - Examining and Recreating Aboriginal Art