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The King’s Church of England Primary Academy


Changes to the provision for children who are already in school.

Friday 22nd May 2020

RE: Changes to the provision for children who are already in school


Dear Parent/Carers,


I am writing to let you know firstly, that we are very proud to be able to support you by offering school provision for you during this difficult time. We acknowledge that these are very stressful and difficult times for you and your family and we are very happy to offer your child/children a school place while ever we continue to have capacity.

Secondly, I would like to share with you updates that we have had to enable us to plan for the return of more children. This will affect you and your family too.


Changes to our provision


  1. Children should have a bath or a shower every day as soon as they come home from school and their clothes need to be washed. Clean clothes must be worn the next day. We will contact you to collect your child if they come to school in the same clothes as the ones that wore the day previously. School uniform is not to be worn.


  1. Please check your child’s temperature before you bring them to school. Any temperature above 38 degrees will mean that your child should stay at home. Please let us know if you feel they have other symptoms of Covid-19 so that we can arrange for a testing kit should you choose to use one.


  1. Your child will not be able to have any physical contact with the staff. Previously, our staff have been on a one week in, two weeks working at home rota. This was to allow them to be at home in case symptoms developed. Our capacity moving forwards will not allow for this and so we need to take precautionary measures to protect their safety. They will find this



very hard to do so please help us by explaining to your child how important it is that they try not to touch anyone who is not in their household.


  1. I have also decided to split the Critical worker group down into two smaller groups. Half will stay where they are currently, the other half will move to a year 3 classroom. They will be kept separate at all times to protect them as much as possible. This will mean that, if one half has to self-isolate, the other group may still have school provision. This will start after the half-term holiday.


  1. We reaffirm our right to withdraw a place for your child if you and your household are not socially distancing. This includes asking someone else to bring your child to school or collect them. Only your household members can do this please.

This is true for all of the time that the government is saying that these measures are necessary for the safety of everyone. I have a duty of care to the other children and to the staff that are working alongside them.



You are all aware by now that school is closed next week due to a lack of demand for provision. This will allow us to take stock of the SAGE advice issued later today and plan accordingly.



As you will see from my other letter today, we are not yet in a position to say when we will be opening the school to more pupils. Planning for this needs to be very carefully done and it is clear that the 1st of June is going to be too early for us. However, provision for your child is secure from the 1st of June.


Many thanks for helping us to help you by keeping our staff team safe at this time.


Best wishes. Thank you to you for playing your part!


Sarah Clarke