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The King’s Church of England Primary Academy


Childcare Provision

Pre School Learning Alliance - set in The King's C of E Primary school.

Alliance settings provide a safe and caring environment where babies and young children under five years old will learn and grow. We recognise that each child is different, with his or her own interests, abilities and developing view of the world. We respect the many different forms of family life that children may experience as well as their social and cultural backgrounds.

Find your local Alliance setting

The Alliance manages settings across England. To search for a local setting, click here


The Alliance encourage parents to be active members in our settings and works in partnership to develop the best programme of learning and support to benefit each child. We also provide a range of support, information and advice for parents.

We are registered by the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted), which inspects all care and education provision. Copies of inspection reports are available on request or can be downloaded from

Our staff

Our settings are managed by experienced and qualified managers who lead teams of nursery workers and support staff. Due to our commitment to safeguarding children, we follow a carefully structured recruitment and selection procedure. Staff are experienced and trained to meet children’s individual emotional and developmental needs and provide inclusive play and learning opportunities for all children attending the setting.

Key person

At the setting, you and your child will receive support from an experienced member of staff responsible for your child’s individual needs, known as the ‘key person’. Although the key person will be your main point of contact, all nursery staff will be happy to feedback on your child’s developmental progress on a daily basis or discuss any concerns with you. They will also keep records of your child’s progress and achievement, which are always available for you to see and contribute towards.

Your child’s key person will make time to find out from you about your child’s interests, likes, dislikes and special requirements. By sharing information, you can make sure that the nursery provides the most appropriate care and education for your child.

Policies and procedures

Promoting equality and admissions policy
Booking and registration
Settling in
Daily routines

Your child’s learning

Children learn best through play. We provide a broad range of challenging and stimulating play activities, both indoors and outdoors, that promote children’s overall development. The Early Years Foundation Stage provides the statutory framework for young children’s learning and development from birth. Our aim is to support and develop each child to become secure, confident, imaginative and creative.

The areas of learning and development encompass:

  • personal, social and emotional development
  • communication, language and literacy
  • problem solving, reasoning and numeracy
  • knowledge and understanding of the world
  • creative development
  • physical development