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The King’s Church of England Primary Academy


Our woodland area

Year 5 and 6 enjoying our wildlife area.

Our children helped to paint the fence in our woodland area.

Planting of the tress.

The first of our new trees and hedgerow are being planted by the Greenwood Community Forest Team from Notts County Council.

Each class will be given their own small tree to look after in their class area as well so that they feel a part of the project.

Our aim is to develop a real connection with nature in every child and our forest regeneration will play a huge part in this. By the time they leave our academy, we want all children to be able to identify all common trees, British wildlife flowers, birds and insects. More importantly we want them to benefit from the sense of well-being that we get from spending time in the great outdoors. Please encourage your child to notice the differences in the trees that they see when you are out and about. They are all starting to bud now so this is the perfect time of year to start noticing the changes that are all around us.

We are more than fortunate to have such a wonderful woodland area and this opportunity offered to us, by Nic Wort and his team, is fantastic! 


Jayne Gibbons, a retired Head Teacher, has very kindly been into school most weeks during winter and has worked so hard in getting our wildlife area a wonderful place to be - whether you are a child learning about nature, or part of nature itself! This week she has kindly donated many bird boxes that are going to be placed in the bird section.  Soon we will have birds and bats nesting ready for the children to watch, learn about and grow to appreciate. How exciting!