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The King’s Church of England Primary Academy


Collection System

Thursday 4th June 2020


RE: Weekly Check-in


Dear Parents/Carers,


As you know, we are starting to widen the number of pupils that school is open for. To make this possible, we have to stop our regular and popular delivery rounds. I am very sorry about this as we know that many of you have enjoyed seeing the familiar and smiley faces at your gate!


To allow this contact to continue we are operating a drop by service every week and we hope to see every child every week. Please look at the grids below to see when your time to drop by is. Mrs Powell will be on the gate to see you all. If you need anything, such as your free School Meal voucher, trip refund forms or a Bingo Card for Mr Ridyard’s weekly Bingo on Facebook, please drop by, with your children, to collect it.


If you need anything else we will need a phone call to the office, before your collection day, so that you can let us know what we need to get ready for you. This includes paper copies of any letters sent out to families or printed home learning menus.


Monday- Free School Meal Families

Surnames A-J 9.30 – 11.30

Surnames K-Z 12-2pm


Tuesday- Non-Free School Meal Families

Surnames A-K 9.30 – 11.30

Surnames L-Z 12-2pm


Please give us a smile and a wave when you drop by. Remember to say the keyword to Mrs Powell as well so that she banks your points!


We sincerely hope that our implementation of stricter social distancing measures do not offend anyone in any way. We are determined to follow all guidance to the letter to make sure that we are doing everything we can to keep everyone as safe as is possible. This is the next step in bringer us all back together as one team.


Slowly and surely we will get everyone back! With sincere best wishes and thanks to you all, Sarah Clarke(Headteacher)