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The King’s Church of England Primary Academy


Congratulations Mrs Marfleet

16th July 2022

Dear Parents/Carers


Congratulations Mrs Marfleet!


Dear all,

I am extremely pleased to tell you all that our very own Mrs Marfleet has been appointed the Headteacher at Kneesall C of E Primary School!


Mrs Marfleet has done so much for the children at The King’s. We shall miss her terribly when she leaves us but thankfully, this will not be until after Christmas! We have appointed a new teacher for the Sparrows class. More details will follow after the holiday.


Mrs Marfleet’s dedication and sheer determination to make every learning day a wonderful experience for every child, is something that I will personally be very grateful for. Congratulations Mrs Marfleet! We are all very proud of you!


Many thanks


Sarah Clarke