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The King’s Church of England Primary Academy


New name announcement

Dear Parents and Carers,  
Thank you once again for your patience with regards to the school name change. Through recent difficult times, this has been something positive for us to focus on. We are excited that it is time now for us to share this with you.  
Reaching the name was a decision that was made across a wide section of groups, including staff, parents and governors. This then went to the Trustees of the SNMAT to be approved, where a unanimous decision was reached.  
Our new name change is – The King’s Church of England Primary Academy.  
The name’s origins stem from our desire to strengthen our already close links to Christ Church. The King that our school belongs to is Christ the King. (There is an apostrophe before the ‘s’ to show that we belong to The King.) 
The name is a strong name that will quickly start to become known in our community as a name that is attached to our school – a name that we are all proud to belong to. 
We feel that it is a name that stands well with our new logo and represents our school vision which is to ‘Grow confident and aspirational children who believe in themselves and contribute positively to their community and the wider world.’  
The name transition will not be immediate, there are a few legal parts of the process to complete but we are almost there. We look forward to a naming ceremony in the coming weeks. Signs and labels will naturally have a cross over – the change will not be immediate but you should start to see it creeping in through newsletter headings, etc 
Thank you all for your efforts with the new uniform. The children look and are so smart – this is a fresh start indeed for everyone. 
Our children, our parents and all staff will be the founders of the school as it starts this very exciting chapter of its journey. Please let us know your thoughts of the new name. We hope you like it as much as we do! 
Many thanks and sincere best wishes, 
Sarah Clarke Headteacher